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Friday, October 25, 2019

Wozniak: No Self-Driving Cars in My Lifetime

A contrary look to be considered.

Steve Wozniak: No Self-Driving Cars in My Lifetime  By Bill Howard  in Extremetech

LAS VEGAS — Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes in technology. But that doesn’t extend to believing autonomous driving is happening soon. Wozniak, now 69, says autonomous cars that don’t need a backup driver on board probably won’t happen “in my lifetime.” One culprit: Artificial intelligence probably isn’t intelligent or flexible enough to be better than even the worst drivers.

Wozniak was a keynote speaker at the first J.D. Power Auto Revolution conference, which the company set up to  “fuel innovation and drive an auto revolution,” with a bit less emphasis on the how-to of selling and marketing cars than some other Power programs.

Research cited at the conference said consumers see many forms of self-driving happening in eight to nine years, while experts see a spread of roughly five to 15 years, with the most distant goal being full autonomy where the driver doesn’t need to be always ready to take over for the car. One takeaway might be that consumers just have no idea how close we are to full self-driving and make the same timeframe guess no matter what level of automation is being considered, where technologists and engineers see some autonomy being harder than other types.   ... " 

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