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Monday, October 21, 2019

In Context Facial Recognition Improved

More work in this space, apparently particularly useful when seeing alternative views to ID.  The UK's massive coverage of CCTV cameras would benefit considerably.  Probably also will increase the objection to using the approach for first level policing,  since the results will still not be perfect.    But improved in-context recognition should be useful.

AI research achieves world-leading technology for visual recognition of people  by University of Surrey in Techxplore

AI is increasingly being used to help human operators handle massive amounts of images from CCTV and other security sources. Person re-identification (ReID) is a method in which an AI is able to recognize images of the same person taken from different cameras or on different occasions. This helps to track suspects across a CCTV network covering large public space, such as an underground network. ReID is challenging for machines as they have to consider and differentiate the same person under different light sources, poses and changes in appearance such as their clothes.

In a paper to be presented at this year's International Conference on Computer Vision in Seoul, South Korea, the most prestigious conference in visual AI, experts from Surrey's Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing (CVSSP) detail how they have developed a unique system called OSNet that has outperformed many popular identification systems already in use. ... " 

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