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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Data Visualization in Quadrants with a Story

Clever piece in KDNuggets, about how to take survey data and take some basic, well known frameworks, and add a story to make your point.  Non-technical.   Not sure how wow-viral the point is, but this gives an example of how to proceed to make simple data description useful for anyone.  Nice thoughtful piece.

The 4 Quadrants of Data Science Skills and 7 Principles for Creating a Viral Data Visualization

As a data scientist, your most important skill is creating meaningful visualizations to disseminate knowledge and impact your organization or client. These seven principals will guide you toward developing charts with clarity, as exemplified with data from a recent KDnuggets poll. 

By Jose Berengueres, Professor & Angel Investor.

I teach CS and Design Thinking. But today, I am on a mission to show how to do great charts because I dislike confusing charts. You may think of me as the Marie Kondo of charts or the Cole Knaflic of Dubai, and you might not be entirely wrong. In this post, I will share 7 principles* to go from Aha-charts to Wow-charts. Let’s get our hands dirty with a dataset from a recent KDnuggets poll.

The poll had just two questions:

Which skills/knowledge areas do you currently have? and
Which skills do you want to add or improve?
KDnuggets received 1,500 answers, and we will use the aggregates by skill [1].  ...  "   

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