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Friday, October 25, 2019

Using Databricks with Tableau

Intriguing update for Tableau.

Visualize your data lake with the new Tableau Databricks Connector

Tableau 2019.3 was a momentous release for a number of reasons. Along with the unveiling of Tableau Catalog and Explain Data came a new native connection to Databricks for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. The new connector offers better performance, a straightforward connection experience, and high-quality error handling.

At Tableau, we’re thrilled to partner with Databricks to empower the full spectrum of data people throughout an organization. Databricks is helping data teams solve the world’s toughest problems, while Tableau makes it fast and easy to connect, explore, and make decisions data-driven. The two platforms are on a mission to make data more accessible and to enable organizations with self-service analytics, so creating a finely-tuned connector was an obvious next step for the partnership. This native connection is intended to better serve our customers as their organizations scale and their data strategies evolve.  .... "

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