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Sunday, October 20, 2019

AI Startups in Healthcare

A look at AI type startups in the health and diagnostic and imaging areas.  Very active.

8 AI Diagnostics and Imaging Startups for Digital Health in NAnalyze

Investing in emerging technologies can be extremely risky. It can also be extremely rewarding – and not just for your bank account. Technologies like artificial intelligence have the potential to change the world in many different ways. One of the industries where AI is already making real advances is healthcare, such as the ability to design and validate drug candidates to treat disease in less than two months. That has attracted the attention of plenty of deep-pocketed investors into AI healthcare startups, which have made more deals than any other AI industry since 2014, according to research firm CB Insights, with more than 80 AI diagnostics and medical imaging companies leading the way across 150 deals and counting.  ...  "

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