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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Predicting Molecule Smell

This sounds a bit odd, but we were trying to exactly this some time ago, when were still in the coffee business.  Smell, taste, and other sensory aspects of products, in both their blended and growing characteristics.  And of course the fragrance industry might also be interested. 

Google is training an AI to predict a molecule’s smell
by Ivan Mehta in ThenextWeb

With plenty of mics and cameras at disposal, AI has gotten good at ‘seeing’ and ‘listening.’ But one human sense it hasn’t got around much is smell. Now, researchers at Google are trying to develop a neural network that helps an AI identify the smell characteristics of a molecule.

The company said identifying smell is a multi-label classification problem, meaning a substance can have multiple smell characteristics. For instance, Vanillin, a substance often used to create an artificial vanilla flavor, has multiple smell descriptors such as sweet, vanilla, and chocolate, with some characteristics stronger than others.   ....'

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