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Friday, October 25, 2019

MIT Connecton Science and Human Dynamics Lab

These efforts well worth following.   AI, Data, Human Dynamics, Privacy

MIT’s Pentland Outlines Rules For Data And AI
October 25, 201979
MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs     https://connection.mit.edu/ 

There are several steps you can take using AI to ensure your data is secure.     By Allison Proffitt in AITrends

BOSTON—AI is data; data is AI. They’re really the same, Alex Pentland told a packed opening plenary session on the second day of the AI World Conference and Expo. “The winner is the person who has the most data. That’s probably not you, but you have friends who have data. They probably aren’t going to just give it to you; you have to figure out how to collaborate.”

Pentland directs the MIT Connection Science and Human Dynamics labs. He’s working on getting AI into the mainstream “peacefully”, he said. That is, no riots in the street, no mass unemployment, no cyber security onslaughts.

His group at MIT, sponsored by Ernst and Young, IBM, MasterCard, Orange, and others, builds pre-standards open source code—Kerberos, the network authentication protocol, for example—and tackles the big questions: How to ensure compliance, control risk, ensure privacy, and security? “Privacy is coming,” he warned, “not just in Europe and California, but everywhere.” ... "

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