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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Splunk and the Data Problem

Had several interactions with Splunk, in the enterprise,liked it for streaming data problems.  But I would rather say that every problem has an embedded data problem, and that size of that can vary according to the business context. Don't remember Splunk being particularly aimed or useful at that, but seems that are building towards that.  Will take a look.

Every problem’s a data problem, says Splunk. Can its new platform fix them?  By R. Danes in Siliconangle

Splunk Inc. is getting serious about this data platform thing. The company wants to get friendly with data from any source — not just the Splunk index. The idea is that a large, inclusive platform can ultimately get more juice from data — business insights, social impact, etc. — than a hodgepodge of software products.

“We believe, at the heart of every problem, is a data problem,” said Susan St. Ledger (pictured), president of worldwide field operations at Splunk. Think that’s an overstatement? St. Ledger named wildfires, the opioid crises, and human trafficking as examples of the issues people are attacking with data today.  ..." ... '

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