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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Alexa Course for In-Skill Purchasing

Amazon is crowd sourcing Alexa skills for its infrastructure.   Have worked my way through several training outlines like the below.  Which show the direction they are moving, worth a look.    Still not what I would call very serious AI,  would like it to include skill capabilities that are more remarkable and smart.   Including the exchange of payment also complicates the design and regulation.

New Alexa Skills Training Course: How to Design for In-Skill Purchasing  Justin Jeffress

We’re excited to introduce our new Alexa Skills course, How to Design for In-Skill Purchasing. This free course outlines the best practices for designing a great monetized Alexa skill experience.

Optimize Your Voice Experience for In-Skill Purchasing

In order to effectively monetize your Alexa skills, you need to design an experience that inspires your customers to continue using your skill over and over. While a portion of the experience depends on the technical implementation (code, information architecture, APIs, etc.) it can only go as far as your voice interaction design. So we created a design-focused course to help you design a skill with in-skill purchasing. You’ll learn what makes great premium content, when to make offers, how to write offers, how to handle transitions to and from the Amazon Purchase flow, and how to provide access to purchases.

By completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to design and optimize your skill for in-skill purchasing.

Course Components:

Introducing Our Use Case
Offer the Right Premium Content
Make an Offer at the Right Time
Write Effective Upsells
Make a Smooth Handoff
Provide Access to Purchases
Wrapping Up & Resources  ... '

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