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Monday, October 28, 2019

Smart Carts aiding Self-Checkout

We spent much time examining and testing the idea of a 'smart cart', but none of them ever became commercially viable.    See my coverage at the tag.  Hand held dedicated devices became the replacement, and later the no-checkout idea promoted by 'Amazon Go'.

Tired of Long Lines? Canadian Grocery Chain Debuts Smart Carts with Self-Checkout   The Washington Post   By Peter Holley

Nova Scotia, Canada-based grocery chain Sobeys has launched a pilot program using intelligent shopping carts that scan and weigh items, and help customers skip long checkout lines by allowing them to pay on the spot. Sobeys' Smart Cart fleet features touchscreens that display a running count of purchases as shoppers scan and place their items in bags within the cart; customers can pay as soon as their shopping is completed. Sobeys says that as the carts are upgraded, their screens will help customers navigate stores, fill out shopping lists, and suggest products for recipes. The carts are equipped with high-resolution cameras which, when combined with scales, enable shoppers to add items to their purchase without entering information or scanning bar codes. ... "

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