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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Open Data vs Public Data

Short piece in DSC.  Useful for my current work.  Not sure if the definition is always applied this way, so you have to cautious in using the tag as others apply it.

Is There a Difference Between Open Data and Public Data?
Posted by Lewis Wynne-Jones 
Yep. And it’s a big one.

There is a general consensus that when we talk about open data we are referring to any piece of data or content that is free to access, use, reuse, and redistribute. Due to the way most governments have rolled out their open data portals, however, it would be easy to assume that the data available on these sites is the only data that’s available for public consumption. This isn’t true.

Although data sets that receive a governmental stamp of openness receive a lot more publicity, they actually only represent a fraction of the public data that exists on the web.  So what’s the difference between “public” data and “open” data?

What is open data?  ... " 

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