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Monday, October 21, 2019

More Neuromorphic Computing and Sensors

We worked with ORNL.   Where more sensor based computing would have been useful in reasoning about complex processes.    Its not clear that just getting closer to 'Neuromorphic' computing, that is computing that uses models much closer to biological brains than ANN (Artificial Neural networks) currently in use, will buy us.  But the attempt is a exciting one.

Bio-Circuitry Mimics Synapses and Neurons in a Step Toward Sensory Computing
Oak Ridge National Laboratory     By Ashley C. Huff

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the University of Tennessee, and Texas A&M University have demonstrated bio-inspired devices that bring us closer to neuromorphic, or brain-like, computing. The breakthrough is the first example of a lipid-based "memcapacitor," a charge storage component with memory that processes information much like the way synapses do in the brain. This discovery could lead to the emergence of computing networks modeled on biology for a sensory approach to machine learning. The new method uses soft materials to mimic biomembranes and simulate the way nerve cells communicate with one another. Said ORNL researcher Pat Collier, "Incorporating biology—using biomembranes that sense bioelectrochemical information—is key to developing the functionality of neuromorphic computing." ...

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