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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Echo Auto: Customizing Mobile Voice Experiences

My test for client discussions have been ongoing.  In my last post on this I mentioned that Amazon currently has very different behavior between home and Echo Auto behavior in the car, making the experience bumpy.  They should consider making the experience less annoyingly inconsistent. 

Customizing Voice Experiences for Echo Auto and Other In-Vehicle Devices  By Mark Tucker in Voicebot.ai

After a year-long, invite-only release of Amazon’s Echo Auto, the device is available for all to purchase. Amazon received over one million pre-orders for Echo Auto and Nationwide Insurance has announced it will distribute the device to another million drivers that are its customers. In addition, Voicebot data show there are as many as 50% more monthly active users of voice assistants while driving as through smart speakers. Now is the time for Alexa developers to start creating in-vehicle voice experiences. However, there are some new values you should be aware of that can be used to customize Alexa Skills for the car.

Alexa Devices for the Automobile Differ in Capabilities

While the Echo Auto is Amazon’s flagship product specifically made for automobiles, some users are bringing Alexa to the car using the Echo Input or Dot, their mobile phone with the Alexa App, or one of the third-party products from makers such as Garmin and Anker.

For this discussion, we are not considering the hardware aspects of these devices that make them special-built for automobiles. These aspects would include such things as the number of mics or whether the device connects to your car’s audio system via AUX, Bluetooth, USB, or FM Transmitter.

The following table shows what values are available on various devices for developers of custom Alexa Skills as they create in-vehicle experiences. Echo Auto today, offers two values that can be particularly useful for automotive use cases but are not available through third-party devices.  .... " 

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