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Thursday, October 24, 2019

Is 5G Ready for IOT?

Makes sense to look at applications in the IOT space.

Is 5G Ready for IoT?

Prashant Gurav - views in Customerthink.

 5G has finally arrived but the real question for those looking to hire IOT development services is, Is 5G viable for IoT applications? We’ll determine through advantages and disadvantages.

5G has finally arrived and consumers have started to get a glimpse of it in the first world countries like the US, UK and South Korea. Being the first network that is built with IoT in mind, 5G is expected to make a big difference in the long term. As for those looking to hire IOT development services for their projects, the question remains, Is 5G viable for IoT applications?

Advantages of 5G for IoT
It is indeed surprising to know that some of the big advantages of 5G regarding consumer applications like high connection speed and greater data capacity aren’t relevant when it comes to IoT because IoT uses a large number of devices sending small amounts of data. Although theoretically speaking, this extra capacity could be a boon for IoT app development but practically there is no case where the density of devices has been too much for any existing network.

When we say 5G was built keeping IoT, we are not talking about the high connection speed or greater data capacity, on the contrary, it is the low power usage of this technology that hits home. The previous existing technology was built with an assumption that the main users will be using mobile phones which have high battery reserves and are needed to charge only once a day. While one can notice that seeing the increasing battery capacity of each mobile phone generation, but 5G is different here. 5G is much better when it comes to optimization which means it is much better equipped to deal with devices sending small amounts of data which in turn reduces the overhead of signalling and the payload for any particular bit of data.

Either way, the benefits of a lower battery consumption technology model of 5G are there to see in case of usage in IoT because devices with lower battery capacity can provide higher flexibility in how an IoT device is deployed while devices with high battery capacity can be left in the field for longer durations of time without needing maintenance.  ..... '

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