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Monday, October 21, 2019

Jungle Jims, Foodie Adventures

Am a long-time shopper at Jungle Jims.  Every week.   Also led many tours there for our innovation groups from all over the world.  Saw this article and had to quote it.   Lots of pictures at the link.  Many expert opinions.    Want my further thoughts, let me know.   Many past posts in its embedded concepts.   If you come here,  just outside of Cincinnati, let me know and I may join the tour.   Also more expert opinion below:

Jungle Jim’s delivers a foodie adventure  by Denise Leathers in Retailwire
Through a special arrangement, presented here for discussion is an excerpt of a current article from Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer magazine.

Part traditional supermarket, part theme park and part United Nations, a visit to Cincinnati-based Jungle Jim’s International Market is truly an event.

From the life-size giraffe lounging by the pool in the parking lot and the singing animatronics inside to the S.S. Minnow replica and 800-pound tube of provolone hanging in an endcap, there’s a lot to see. Scads of festivals, tastings and cooking classes further make Jungle Jim’s a popular destination for out-of-town visitors.

And did we mention the working monorail that ferries visitors to and from the nearby Oscar Event Center?

When Jungle Jim Bonaminio founded the business in 1971, the concept of “retailtainment” hadn’t yet been conceived, but his ahead-of-its-time solution was to make shopping fun. In fact, that’s one of the reasons Jungle Jim’s still doesn’t offer online ordering. “Our stores are an adventure,” says senior buyer and category manager Chris Vollat. “They’re meant to be shopped, not picked like a warehouse.”  .... " 

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