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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Advances in Quadropod Robotics

Big questions remain, how will we successfully interact with increasingly powerful and complex robot systems?  How do we compare various levels of autonomy to remote controlled robotics?  Inspection is good place to start, having narrow goals.

ANYbotics Introduces Sleek New ANYmal C Quadruped

The latest version of ANYbotics' four-legged robot can do useful real-world inspection tasks   By Evan Ackerman

Quadrupedal robots are making significant advances lately, and just in the past few months we’ve seen Boston Dynamics’ Spot hauling a truck, IIT’s HyQReal pulling a plane, MIT’s MiniCheetah doing backflips, Unitree Robotics’ Laikago towing a van, and Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60 exploring a mine. Robot makers are betting that their four-legged machines will prove useful in a variety of applications in construction, security, delivery, and even at home.

ANYbotics has been working on such applications for years, testing out their ANYmal robot in places where humans typically don’t want to go (like offshore platforms) as well as places where humans really don’t want to go (like sewers), and they have a better idea than most companies what can make quadruped robots successful. ... "

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