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Thursday, October 24, 2019

More Amazon Go

Another example of extending the idea.  Mostly in small convenience formats due to costs.

Silicon Valley Takes on a New Amazon Cashierless Store

The Wall Street Journal
By Sebastian Herrera

Amazon recently opened its fourth cashierless Go convenience store in San Francisco, located within a few blocks of the other three. Nearby, two startups are each demonstrating their own technology that could power cashier-free stores across the country. This area of San Francisco is emerging as a battleground to eliminate the traditional checkout process and reinvent the way consumers shop. Amazon, along with startups Zippin and Standard Cognition, use technology equipped with camera systems powered by computer vision and machine learning software that track people as they take items off the shelves. The companies are pitching their systems to grocery chains, sports stadiums, and convenience stores, promising to automate the checkout process, reduce theft, and improve profit margins. The technology is currently only being tested in small convenience-store concepts selling packaged goods, because it is relatively expensive for a big-box retailer to adopt such systems on a wide scale. ... " 

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