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Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Procurement in Retail

Have noted the broad increase in quality and sticking of private labels.  Also linking these labels with other purchases in retail.  Advances are in play.  Considerable detail here:

Rethinking procurement in retail
For retailers, procurement is no longer solely a matter of negotiating “A” brands. Private labels and verticalization are trending. Advanced approaches and tools help get procurement in shape for the future.  .... 

Sent from McKinsey Insights, available in the App Store and Play Store. ....

The days in which bricks-and-mortar retail monopolized touchpoints to customers are gone. Alongside pure internet retailers such as Amazon and Zalando, and start-ups like the beverage delivery service Flaschenpost, brand manufacturers are increasingly seeking to gain direct access to consumers—be it online or through ultramodern flagship stores in premium city-center locations. Aside from pioneers like Apple, many categories are encroaching on the final consumer business, from coffee brands (take Nespresso) through to cosmetic lines such as Kiehl’s and Nyx by L’Oréal. As a result, traditional retailers not only face intensified pressure on margins but also unrelenting pressure to innovate.  .... "

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