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Monday, April 08, 2019

Human Resources and IBM AI

I have seen IBM do some very interesting things with.   How this will change their skills and workforce will be interesting to watch.

IBM's Artificial Intelligence Strategy Is Fantastic, But AI Also Cut 30% Of Its HR Workforce
By Dan Pontefract in Fortune

Ginni Rometty is CEO, president and chairman of IBM. She has held the top job since 2012.

When she joined the company in 1981, total headcount across IBM was roughly 350,000. By 1994, under the direction of CEO Lou Gerstner, headcount dropped to around 225,000.

When she took over as CEO from Sam Palmisano—who had enjoyed a ten-year run as IBM’s top dog—the global employee population at the company had swollen to nearly 450,000 people. Some of it was organic. A lot of it was by acquisition.

Today and under Rometty’s leadership, IBM headcount has dropped approximately 25%. There are now less than 350,000 people. How? In part, artificial intelligence. ..... " 

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