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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Simulation is Very Useful for Analytics Validation

I am a long time proponent and practitioner of simulation methods.   We simulated plant design and process, warehouse operations,  woodland growth and management, consumer in aisle behavior, coffee roasting,  advertising selection and delivery ... and much more.   Always a good approach to validate prescribed analytics and AI.    It needs be better linked directly to analytical solutions.

Advance Your Process Improvements with Simulation Technology  in the APQC Blog  By Lochlyn Morgan  Posted in Process and Performance Management

I recently spoke with Luis Lopez, manager of process improvement at the Port of Vancouver, to discuss the role that simulation technology has in process improvement, advice on piloting simulation software, and a few lessons learned from his hands-on experience with simulation technology.

What role can simulation technology play in process improvement work?

Simulation technology plays an important role in the improvement of complex processes as it provides a non-invasive, risk-free, and cost-efficient method to identify and analyze the underlying factors that may contribute to poor process performance and evaluate potential improvements. Simulation technology is key when testing improvements in the real process can be very costly, risky or lengthy.

Simulation models also provide a great way to engage project teams in the design and development of process improvements. Advances in 3D graphics have made it relatively simple to make detailed 3D simulation models of an operational process. These 3D renderings allow project teams to quickly visualize their ideas and identify potential benefits and implementation barriers. This is why I like to say that “if one picture is worth a thousand words, an animated 3D simulation model in a process improvement project is worth a thousand pictures.”  .... " 

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