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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Heat Transfer in Boiling Water

Had a  minor involvement, as a lab assistant, in studies about the transfer of heat,  at first in boiling water, and later applied to stellar atmospheres.  Its more complex than you think.

Getting to the bottom of the “boiling crisis”

New understanding of heat transfer in boiling water could lead to efficiency improvements in power plants.  David L. Chandler | MIT News Office

The simple act of boiling water is one of humankind’s oldest inventions, and still central to many of today’s technologies, from coffee makers to nuclear power plants. Yet this seemingly simple process has complexities that have long defied full understanding.

Now, researchers at MIT have found a way to analyze one of the thorniest problems facing heat exchangers and other technologies in which boiling water plays a central role: how to predict, and prevent, a dangerous and potentially catastrophic event called a boiling crisis. This is the point when so many bubbles form on a hot surface that they coalesce into a continuous sheet of vapor that blocks any further heat transfer from the surface to the water. ... "

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