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Friday, April 19, 2019

Device Discovery in Smart Home Skills

Turned out this problem occurred recently in related applications.   Not fixing this kind of problem can lead to large scale problems.  Ultimately its all about seamless integration of knowledge and skills.  When you talk to someone you want to know what they  know and can they provide it in useful context.

4 Tips for Implementing Device Discovery in Your Smart Home Skills   By Roy Kincaid

Building an Alexa smart home skill enables you to link Alexa with your existing smart home device cloud. This gives your customers the ability to control and query their compatible devices through Alexa. When creating a smart home skill, one of the first steps is to implement the Alexa.Discovery interface.The Device Discovery process allows you to send Alexa a list of your customer’s devices and capabilities, so that they can interact with them through voice or the Alexa app.

When testing your implementation of the Alexa.Discovery interface, you first need to check that you've enabled the skill on your Alexa account and successfully performed account linking. The next step is to run device discovery from your Alexa account. If no endpoints are found from your skill, then you may have encountered a device discovery error. Here are four common culprits you can look into to resolve these errors.   ....  " 

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