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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Autonomous Vegetable Weeding

Another approach that will increase agricultural food production.

FarmWise turns to Roush to build autonomous vegetable weeders   By Matt Burns  @mjburnsy

FarmWise wants robots to do the dirty part of farming: weeding. With that thought, the San Francisco-based startup enlisted the help of Michigan-based manufacturing and automotive company Roush to build prototypes of the self-driving robots. An early prototype is pictured above.

Financial details of the collaboration were not released.

The idea is these autonomous weeders will replace herbicides and save the grower on labor. By using high-precision weeding, the robotic farm hands can increase the yield of the crops by working day and night to remove unwanted plants and weeds. After all, herbicides are in part because weeding is a terrible job.  .... " 

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