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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Market Basket Analysis

Some of the very earliest analysis (1970s) we supported in the enterprise were variants on market basket analysis.    So I was pleased to find this relatively simple example posted in DSC, by Ayumi Owada,  here using Apriori in Python.   Every marketing person should know of this capability, answering the question: What do people buy with this?

Maximizing Sales with Market Basket Analysis    Posted by Ayumi Owada  

Sales data analyses can provide a wealth of insights for any business but rarely is it made available to the public. In 2018, however, a retail chain provided Black Friday sales data on Kaggle as part of a Kaggle competition. Although the store and product lines are anonymized, the dataset presents a great learning opportunity to find business insights! In this post, we’ll cover how to prepare data, perform basic analysis, and glean additional insights via a technique called Market Basket Analysis.

Let’s see what the data looks like. We use Pivot Billions to analyze and manipulate large amounts of data via an intuitive and familiar spreadsheet style. After importing, we see that the data contains over 500K rows at the bottom, along with example data for each column.  ... "

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