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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Painting Streets with Augmented Reality

Not a new idea, though the approach is closer to making this work broadly.  Why not start with existing mapping examples?

Mapping the World in 3D Will Let Us Paint Streets With Augmented Reality 
Technology Review    By Charlotte Jee

The U.K. startup Scape provides a visual positioning service that uses global positioning systems (GPS) and multiple camera images to localize users. The company has collected more than 2 billion street images that allow it to map in three dimensions more than 100 cities. Scape's algorithms extract "points of interest" from any image, compare it with the billions of images in its database, then use triangulation to infer the angle and distance from which the object was observed, returning its precise location to the end user. Scape co-founder Edward Miller hopes the company's location services will become the underlying infrastructure for driverless cars, robotics, and AR services. Said Miller, "Our end goal is a one-to-one map of the world covering everything.".... '

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