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Monday, April 15, 2019

On the use of Microservices

Fascinating case study that I have passed the link on to several clients.  Below the intro:

How we moved from a giant monolithic system to microservices in Medium
By Arjun Dixit  @ Rebel Foods (Part 1/2)

Defeat them in detail: The Divide and Conquer Strategy. Look at the parts and determine how to control the individual parts, create dissension and leverage it. — Robert Greene

With this being said, we at Rebel Foods tech, strongly believe in the idea of breaking down a large monolith system into the small sets of microservices. Here I would be describing the purpose and the journey behind it.

Overview of the monolith giant system of Rebel Foods:

When we started in 2011 with one brand FAASOS the requirements were quite clear to us — “Build a system that can handle 15k transactions per day” and 15k was just the number of orders expected daily, behind this Rebel Foods manages the complete lifecycle of on-demand food right from the inventory to our supply chain to content management to user channels like our mobile apps, websites and our third-party partners to our cloud kitchens to finally making the last-mile fulfilment. Looking at the fast-paced market we had to deliver a system that can produce a flawless experience while being 99% fault tolerant. We came up with a central core system design that would interact with our main database and would expose the APIs to perform various operations required to satisfy the above needs. We called this system the V1 architecture of Rebel Foods.  ... "

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