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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Case Study for a Global AI

Considerable case study, contains lots of good things to consider,  but not enough about the goals involved.  Good details but not enough of them.   Its a global brand, so how much do we need to consider varying languages and cultures?   In our own example we found that the training data quality varied strongly because it was gathered based on those cultural differences.  In some cases there was insufficient data for a particular culture.  I like particularly the involvement of decision makers early seems to be carefully considered. 

Building an AI For A Global Brand  by Alexandre Gonfalonieri in Medium

Building an AI solution for a global brand is actually quite challenging. From figuring out the best business issue for AI to the release of the solution, many things can impact the project. Through this article, I wanted to share with everyone my own personal experience.

AI has become a buzzword in almost all industries and most decision-makers want to start or have already started implementing AI solutions.  ... "

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