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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Overpromise of AI for Healthcare?

IBM has created lots of interesting pieces of the solution, but not the harder solution of the broader process involved.   Can these be connected into big value?  And Hype has an element as well.   Not too dissimilar from what happened in the previous AI solutions in the 80s,  healthcare solutions emerged quickly to ultimately retract.  Good article:

How IBM Watson Overpromised and Underdelivered on AI Health Care
After its triumph on Jeopardy!, IBM’s AI seemed poised to revolutionize medicine. Doctors are still waiting   By Eliza Strickland in IEEE Spectrum

In 2014, IBM opened swanky new headquarters for its artificial intelligence division, known as IBM Watson. Inside the glassy tower in lower Manhattan, IBMers can bring prospective clients and visiting journalists into the “immersion room,” which resembles a miniature planetarium. There, in the darkened space, visitors sit on swiveling stools while fancy graphics flash around the curved screens covering the walls. It’s the closest you can get, IBMers sometimes say, to being inside Watson’s electronic brain.  ... " 

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