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Monday, April 15, 2019

Cases for AI in Advertising

We  used AI in the earliest days, but did not have the needed tools, there are many more now.

The Case for Investing in AI for Advertising in ChiefMarketer

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Sven Lubek

There are numerous examples of high profile brands experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) in creative ways. For example, Lexus recently worked with IBM Watson to release the first AI scripted advertisement.

AI is ultimately here to improve people’s lives both at work and at home, yet many organizations are still timid about investing in the technology. Here are some strong cases for investing in AI for advertising today:

Achieving True Scale and Engagement

Marketers are investing in AI to deliver advertising that is relevant, contextual and hyper-personalized to individual consumer preferences. Automation is an important component of driving this capability.

Adam Powers, CEO at Tribal Worldwide, shared at Mobile World Congress 2019 how they use AI in advertising to create contextual experiences for users: “Offer an experience where the application of AI is an invisible factor—emotional engagement and conversion focus. Magic can happen in the details, the small things and looking at the practical application of AI. For example, a client in Indonesia uses machine learning to forecast fashion trends by feeding in various data points, and image uploading to forecast in which part of the region certain products will sell.”

“Brands need to try to keep up with changing consumer behavior,” added Neil Stubbings, CRO at IV.AI. “It’s the age of availability. A brand should be available on any platform that the customer is, and that’s the challenge and the opportunity for brands to transact with consumers…people are looking for things that feel more native.”  .... ' 

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