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Monday, April 29, 2019

An Initial Look at Wal-Mart's Future Store

FastCompany takes an initial look.  Different it seems, from what we did in our future store.  Less direct research and more, promotion of themselves as a forward looking company.   Good piece, expect to see more on the topic.

Walmart’s AI-powered store of the future is nothing like Amazon Go
There are cameras. There is AI. And the similarities end there.    By MarkWilson

When Amazon launched its first Go store in 2018, the public lined up around the block to see the future of retail: a new experience where you could walk in, grab something off the shelf, and walk out. Sure, there were cameras on the ceiling and AI on computers tracking silently from above, but the promise was convenience through automation–maybe not The Jetsons, but a better 7/11 for certain.

Now Walmart has shared its version of the future of brick-and-mortar retail, the Intelligent Retail Lab, or IRL for short. Unlike Go, it doesn’t feature any futuristic user experience. There’s no automated checkout or similar whiz-bang head turner that people will Instagram about. Instead, IRL can track Walmart’s inventory in real time with unprecedented efficiency, making sure every item on every shelf is always in stock. .... " 

See also in the Chicago Tribune another report on this.

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