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Thursday, April 25, 2019

AI Sensor Environment Chip

More players in the stream for enabling analytics AI from sensor data.

AIStorm raises $13.2M for its analog data-reading sensor chips   By Mike Weatley

AIStorm, a maker of specialized computer processors for sensors that detect events or changes in their environments, is emerging from stealth mode with a $13.2 million early-stage round of funding.

The Series A round was led by Egis Technology Inc., a supplier of biometrics technology for handsets, gaming and advanced driver-assistance systems. Image sensor maker TowerJazz, food preparation equipment manufacturer Meyer Corp. and Linear Dimensions Semiconductor Inc., a maker of biometric authentication and digital health products, also participated in the round.

These are not your usual kind of investors for a technology-related startup, but their interest in AIStorm isn’t a surprise considering how useful the new computer chips could be to them.

AIStorm has built an “AI-in-Sensor” system-on-chip that enables faster processing of complex artificial intelligence problems at the very edge of the network. The chip is designed to be integrated within the sensors that are embedded into mobile devices, “internet of things” machinery and self-driving cars, processing data directly within them. .... "

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