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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Spying on Your Smart Home

Have now had a smart home lab for a long time.  Could have used this for some time, in particular to understand how the home interacts with external contexts, like the car, the store, the Internet.  Like the idea.  So many things in the lab are IOT members.   Has to be marketing insight here.

Spy on Your Smart Home With This Open Source Research Tool 
In TechCrunch     By Natasha Lomas

Princeton University researchers have built an open source Web app that allows homeowners to monitor their smart home devices. The IoT Inspector is designed to help consumers analyze the network traffic of their Internet-connected appliances, mainly to determine whether those devices are sharing their information with third parties. The researchers said the IoT Inspector requires no special hardware or a complex setup, making it easy for consumers to deploy smart home monitoring. The team acknowledged it hopes to use data collected by the app to advance Internet of Things (IoT) research, including insights into privacy, security, and network performance risks of IoT devices. The researchers said the app can track the Internet activities of as many as 50 devices on a network. .... " 

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