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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Assistants Answering All Your Questions?

Good research being done here.  Good points made,  no they can't, but I think that they can be helpful in certain focused skill areas.    We had lots of experience creating these for certain skill areas for CPG, like cleaning.     Think also about having several levels of assistant, like a concierge model.  Which can lead to humans as needed.   Key is having supporting data, and common journeys established and maintained.

Voice Assistants Cannot Answer All Your Questions
Collin Colburn, Analyst  in Forrester Blog
Arleen Chien, Researcher

Let’s be honest: there is a lot of hype around voice assistants (or as we call them at Forrester, Intelligent Agents (IAs)). Marketers, agencies, and vendors alike are all excited about this potential voice search future. But have you ever had a voice search experience with an IA like the cartoon below?

We wanted to conduct rigorous research to understand just how “intelligent” these intelligent agents were when it came to answering commercial voice searches. We decided to:

Come up with 180 commercial questions… We specifically wanted to ask the IAs questions that were commercially applicable like “What’s the best water-proof mascara?” or “Where can I get advice on my 401k?”.

…Across six industries… We chose questions within industries that are most relevant to Forrester’s client base: CPG and retail, travel and hospitality, financial services and insurance, tech and telecom, healthcare, and automotive

And ask our questions to each of the four major IAs. We chose the four most popular IAs to test to see what their “answers” to our voice search questions were: Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft’s Cortana. .... "

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