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Thursday, April 18, 2019

DJ's Spin Code

I changed the title,  they will likely not write code in the future, they will create algorithms by some interface other than 'writing code'.   Coding, as it has developed, is far too inefficient and error prone.

DJs of the Future Don't Spin Records—They Write Code
in Wired  By Michael Calore

Artists in the underground electronic music culture are performing live-coding shows or "algoraves," in which they program software algorithms to create new forms of music. Musicians synthesize individual sounds on their computers, then direct the software to string those sounds together based on a set of predefined rules; the end product has the artist's signature, but is algorithmically sculpted. When the same routine is run again, the song will sound familiar and contain the same elements, but the composition will be structured differently. Performances often are enhanced with screens displaying the running code as trippy visuals. A popular venue for this emergent art form is the Algorithmic Art Assembly, a two-day festival in San Francisco ..... "

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