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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Automating Need Processes with RPA

An outline of the use of RPA in Contact centers.   A natural place because the customer establishes themselves as needing help.    But its use goes far beyond, to most any process.  Also clearly useful in an attentive assistant system, once its established the customer needs something.  See previous piece on Google moving in this direction.   Inserting need solution within need statement.

How is Robotic Process Automation in Contact Centers improving Customer Experience and Driving Profitability?   By Mitul Makadia - in CustomerThink

With the emergence and advent of RPA, enterprises are starting to see major growth in terms of savings and scaling of overall operations, however, when it comes to contact centers or call centers, robotic process automation offers invaluable advantages by providing solutions to challenges based around service, process & technology.

Customer satisfaction is a huge KPI for any business and call centers play a key role in shaping the success of that KPI. CSRs face immense demand to grow overall revenue by upselling & cross-selling, delivering fast, personalized and effective service – all while meeting high first call resolution and low average handling time goals. Yet, they happen to work with technology that slows them down and requires them to work with a myriad of slow & complicated applications while they speak with customers.

Although Business Process Management plays its part, the high levels of repetitive tasks within contact centers can only be circumvented through call center automation for better employee efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Take a look at how Robotic Process Automation in Contact Centers is improving customer engagement and streamlining processes –  .... "

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