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Monday, April 22, 2019

Can a Computer Write a Script? Or an Ad? Or Manage a Marketing plan?

A writer of ads, or a manager of marketing plans learns what works based on results in context.  So why not?      The idea of 'a script' was used in the earliest days of AI to create directions and goals to forge results.  We did parts of what is described here to efficiently fit ads into TV and radio slots.  The idea is not far away.  And a marketing plan is a known process based on data, so use it to deliver.

Can a Computer Write a Script? Machine Learning Goes Hollywood   By Los Angeles Times 

The idea of using machine learning programs to help write scripts and other tasks is becoming increasingly popular in Hollywood.

Entertainment companies are using the technology to color-correct scenes, identify popular themes in book adaptations, and craft successful marketing campaigns.

In addition, talent agencies are using the technology for suggestions on how to market actors and actresses.

Machine learning can provide vast amounts of data on why certain movies or TV shows work and why others fail.

Last year, the Entertainment Technology Center presented analysis showing correlations between a movie's story structure and how well it performed worldwide at the box office.

For example, films that led with action sequences did more than 13 times better at the box office on average than films that started with memory sequences.

Machine learning can also identify which stories are resonating online, pinpointing specific scenes or characters about which viewers are most passionate. .... " 

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