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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Wal-Mart Vudu Competes with Shoppable Ads

Had actually forgotten about the Wal-Mart streaming service Vudu.  Interesting experiment to understand what evokes interaction and get related data.  Buying directly from integrated product in video has long been a holy grail, is that what this is?  Also competes with Youtube.

Will shoppable ads help Walmart’s Vudu compete with Amazon and Netflix? in Retailwire  by George Anderson with further expert opinion.

Walmart’s Vudu video streaming service is following Amazon and Netflix in creating original programming to attract viewers. Unlike its rivals, however, Walmart will continue to offer Vudu as a free, ad-supported service rather than seeking subscription income. Management believes it can do this because of “new advertising technology” that will enable viewers of the shows to buy the products they see on the screen.

Bloomberg reports that Walmart has already lined up “tens of millions of dollars in upfront advertising” as brands look to cash in on the shoppable content opportunity.   .... " 

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