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Friday, April 19, 2019

Is AI Saving SAP

Had worked with them in the enterprise, and itt had come to mind that some of what SAP did could be done with clouds and automated efficient pattern analysis.    But the article does not really make the case that SAP is in trouble, but I might be worried.

Can artificial intelligence save SAP?  By Jason Bloomberg

There are persistent signs that all is not well in the land of SAP.

The German enterprise applications leader is in the midst of laying off thousands of people. Its cloud efforts have sputtered. Its product line confuses customers. HANA, the in-memory columnar database that was supposed to save the company, has been eclipsed by newer, more cloud-friendly players.

With the throng of cloud native enterprise resource planning providers nipping at SAP’s heels, it has found itself in need of game-changing innovation – and it looks like the company has moved its chips all-in on artificial intelligence.

Whether Leonardo, SAP’s core AI offering, will save the company is still an open question. Is it one more item on a too-long list of SKUs? Can it compete with the likes of IBM’s Watson or Salesforce’s Einstein, or any other AI product named after some smart dead white guy?  .... " 

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