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Friday, April 26, 2019

BPA, RPA or DPA? Automating Process

Interesting piece, with criticism of robotic process automation.   It has somewhat focused application I agree.   Contrast of options is interesting.  I like the term DPA only because it does not include the confusing 'robotic' aspect.  Software is key, and it has to replicate the specific outcome of details involved.    I am always also concerned about maintaining the process context. 

It’s all about people: Dispelling the five myths of process automation By Jason Bloomberg in SiliconAngle

In a memorable scene from the movie “The Founder” about the origin of McDonald’s, the McDonald brothers plot the layout of their restaurant in a life-sized mockup drawn in chalk on a parking lot.

This example of process optimization was certainly “lean,” but it involved no software whatsoever. Today, in contrast, optimizing business processes almost always means automating them – at least in part. And when we say automation, we mean with software.

Just what software, however, is an open question, as today’s frothy software marketplace has spawned several contenders. From the business process automation or BPA of the last decade to today’s robotic process automation or RPA to the latest entrant, digital process automation or DPA, information technology decision makers have a plethora of options to choose from.

Be warned: This is a clear-cut case of caveat emptor. With the help of the big IT analyst firms, the providers in these overlapping categories have stirred up massive confusion. Let’s clear up the biggest misconceptions.

Myth No. 1: Digital process automation is more ‘digital’ than business process automation: .... '

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