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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Google Focusing Context of Need Curation with Assistants

Is everything in Google turning into an ad-oriented assistant?    Into product curation?   Yes,  see how their fundamental service, search, has already turned that way.  I ask for help,  it gives me good results and then sets my information context to need what I searched for.   Having an assistant App, or an assistant device listening for my requested needs, is just another way to focus and set context for product curation.  Its always listening to get and set the context of our needs.

The massive Google shift you probably haven't noticed
 Android Intelligence   By JR Raphael, Contributing Editor, Computerworld 

Google is quietly repositioning the very foundation of its business — and if you aren't watching closely, this monumental move might be easy to miss.

The trend, in short, revolves around getting down to business — specifically, the business of making money off of you and me and everyone else who uses Google services. For a while now, y'see, Google has been focusing on new areas that don't directly fit in with the company's long-standing main business model. Google, as we all know, makes its money primarily from selling and showing ads that are custom-tailored to your interests at any given moment. But many of Google's newer services have remained mostly ad-free since their starts.

Sure, these services still collect data about us, which can then be used to better target ads in traditional web search and other such places — but more and more, we tech-loving Homo sapiens aren't using traditional web search to get all of our information, especially when we're on mobile devices or other modern-tech gizmos. In the longer-term future, if Google wants to keep its cash cow mooing, it's gotta find a way to replicate its ad system in other areas and keep its business model relevant to our evolving tech habits.  .... 

The bigger Assistant ad picture

The injection of ads directly into Assistant feels like a culminating step in a process we've been watching unfold for years. It's become increasingly clear over time that Assistant is turning into the central focus for almost everything Google does — and for good reason: As we all spend less time surfing the open web and more time using apps and connected devices, the future of the online ad industry is being threatened by irrelevance. The future, as the thinking goes, isn't in traditional box-on-a-page web search but rather in interacting with all the stuff around us. And if Google Assistant is the genie inside all that stuff, at the end of the day, we're all still Google customers. .... " 

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