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Thursday, April 04, 2019

Blockchains plus Clouds Scale


In the current ACMQueue:

There is a growing expectation, or at least a hope, that blockchains possess a disruptive potential in numerous domains because of their decentralized nature (i.e., no single entity controls their operations). Decentralization comes with a price, however: blockchains do not scale. Provably neutral clouds are undoubtedly a viable solution to blockchain scaling.

Net Neutrality: Unexpected Solution to Blockchain Scaling,” by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic in the latest issue of ACM Queue, explores how by optimizing the transport layer, not only can the throughput be fundamentally scaled up, but the latency could be dramatically reduced. Kuzmanovic argues that the key to this vision lies in establishing trust by the blockchain ecosystem into the underlying networking infrastructure. This, in turn, is achieved by decoupling authority from infrastructure via a provably neutral network design.  ... "

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