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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Whats Creepy About AI

Our views and expectations about what to expect from machines, even in a very general sense, are constantly changing.  Experience from media, experiences in work and at home adjust our views.  Getting examples of the value provided, all have influence.   Here a poll looks at consumer thoughts.

AI is Creeping America Out, But It Doesn’t Have To

An Interactions/Harris Poll reveals what people find creepy about AI

FRANKLIN, MA – October 30, 2018 – With every click, download or voice command, AI has another data point to slip into its back pocket – ready and waiting to help inform business decisions, marketing strategies and campaign targeting. To date, companies have been experimenting with how to use this data to dazzle customers. From alerting people when their milk is low, to pre-selecting their online shopping carts, to helping them book a vacation, brands have cast the deciding vote on how and when consumer data should be used. But without insight from customers, they’ve been operating in the dark—blindly walking the line between helpful and creepy.

That’s why Intelligent Virtual Assistant leader Interactions commissioned The Harris Poll to conduct an online survey of 2,000+ American adults in August to figure out exactly where the “creepy” line is, and when AI crosses it. In the process, we identified consumer comfort level with AI utilizing personal information, and what tips the scale from helpful to creepy. Here are the top consumer concerns that crossed the creepy line:  ... '

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