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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Technology in Grocery

Like the loo at more mundane seeming aspects of grocery operations.

How 5 Top Grocers are Modernizing through Automation and Robotics
By Randy Hofbauer - 08/24/2018 in Progressive Grocer.

At Food Lion, Marty the Robot clean-sweeps the store a dozen times daily to identify slip-and-fall hazards on the floor, scan  shelves for out-of-stocks and ensure shelf pricing is aligned with the front end registers

As today’s top grocers seek to find ways to cut costs and allow their associates to focus more directly on attending to shoppers’ needs, they’re employing automation and robotics throughout the store, improving efficiency and accuracy in operations from food safety all the way to the last mile of delivery.

While many grocers have gone on record to share noteworthy ways that they’re working internally and externally to integrate new grocery technology in these areas — and even more are keeping their lips sealed — here are five noteworthy food retailers and the areas in which they’re employing the latest in robotics and automation solutions.... " ... 

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