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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In the Edge: Paul Allen Remembered

More on Paul Allen and the connection to the history of personal computing.  The Edge is always interesting. 

Paul Allen Remembered
by Edward H. "Eddie" Currie

It was Microsoft’s phenomenal success, early in the evolution of the microcomputer, that made it possible for Paul to make so many other significant contributions to the world, and that success may well have never occurred without Paul’s ability to deliver on the dream to supply the software for all of the microcomputers in the world, beginning with BASIC, and to do so in the early days of the industry. Those at MITS who knew Paul always referred to him as a brilliant polymath and a true gentleman. His quiet, easy going manner, great sense of humor, love of music, guitars, software in all of its forms, compassion and concern for others, together with a totally committed work ethic served as a great role model at MITS.   ... "

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