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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

VDMbee a Value Management Platform

Some time ago I wrote about VDML, the Value Delivery Modeling Language.   Just today got a note from  Theodoor Von Donge  about how they are using and extending it.  Below I bought his comment to the top, so its gets more exposure.  Like to think about ways we can more directly link modeling directly to business value.  Here is an example.  Any thoughts on this?    Will be exploring, be glad to collaborate on exploration ...

Hello Franz,   From: Theodoor Von Donge:

Great to see your blog post. As VDMbee we are building our Value Management Platform based on the VDML specification. Are are also actively involved in the OMG in the surrounding areas of VDML.

Right now working on a major update of VMP. We are adding the following "value discovery" designers:
- Dashboard to present Value impact with unique views for all individual stakeholders
- Strategy Map (based on Kaplan Norton)
- Value Stream Map (based on VDML and BA Guild priciples)
- Capability Library (based on VDML)
- Capability Map (based on VDML)
- BA Guild reference model import
- Process Designer (BPMN2.0)
- Case Designer (CMMN1.1)

Here a link: https://vdmbee.com/home-new/vdmbee-value-management-platform/

We have also enhanced our User eXperience to support better the notion of the Discovery milestones, Protoype and Adopt phases in making the Business Model plan.   ... "

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