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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Extended Google Smart Home Ecosystem

Just today I extended out smart home ecosystem, which uses both Google and Amazon, to another room.  My interest is always in ease of installation, use,  extension and maintenance.   And the resulting augmentation of the home and home office user.   Things are always getting better, but still not completely transparent for the average home do it yourself user.  Often this depends on other infrastructure.  Like wifi, electrical system, manufacturers of basic installed devices.

Google's smart home ecosystem has arrived
It's not as robust as Amazon's, but it's a strong competitor.
 By Devindra Hardawar, @devindra    In  Engadget

The building blocks of the "smart home" -- connected lights, plugs and other gadgets -- have been around for years. But they were strung together by a variety of confusing protocols. It wasn't until Amazon's Echo and its accompanying Alexa virtual assistant came along that the smart home started to make sense. We didn't need just smart devices; we also needed voice controls and seamless interoperability between devices. Basically, we needed a proper smart home ecosystem.  ... "

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