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Monday, October 29, 2018

Parking a Car with 12 Neurons

A remarkable simplification, with images.  Note the pointer to biological neural nets.

 Parking a Car With Only 12 Neurons 
Technische Universitat Wien
Florian Aigner in TU Wien, MIT

Researchers at TU Wein in Vienna, Austria collaborated with colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the development of a new approach for programming neural networks, which models the time evolution of nerve signals in a completely different way. The approach, inspired by the roundworm C. elegans, simulated neural circuits from the worm's nervous system, then adapted the model with machine learning algorithms, enabling it to solve challenging tasks with a small number of simulated nerve cells. Said TU Wein’s Ramin Hasani, “This is an architecture that can capture sequences, because it makes neurons remember what happened previously.” .... '

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