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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LG Comes Up with a Smart Sofa

The concept is new to me, but why can't the sofa be a hub like a frig?  Can it capture the consumer  imagination the smart speaker has? Will use Google assistant or LG Signature App for 'intelligence'.

LG’s Colosseo smart sofa is the comfiest piece of tech in your home

How often have you sat on the couch and wished it reclined, even just a small amount, so you could have a more comfortable viewing angle? While some couches recline, it’s usually an all-or-nothing choice — and there is almost never an easy way to do it besides pulling a lever. LG aims to change that via a partnership with the Italian furniture brand Natuzzi.

At the LG Signature “Smart Living Concept” Show, the company debuted the Colosseo smart sofa. Connected furniture is still a relative rarity in the smart home space, and while LG has included Bluetooth speakers and some touch controls in its furniture, the Colosseo is something new. The sofa is designed to work with all your other smart home tech in the room, and comes with five different custom scenarios to match what you’re using it for.

The five scenarios — reading, relaxing, watching TV, listening to music, or pause — are designed to provide the maximum amount of comfort while doing any one of those activities. They can be controlled via the LG Signature app, an LG TV or LG smart speaker, or through Google Assistant.  ... " 

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