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Monday, October 15, 2018

Patents for Anomaly Detection

 There are many ways to do this kind of anomaly detection.  Done them for years.  Anomaly detection alone is not new or patentable, but perhaps as a larger process?

Anodot Gains Patents for Anomaly Detection By George Leopold in Datanami

Anodot, which focuses on using machine learning techniques to spot anomalies in time-series data, announced a pair of U.S. patent awards this week covering its autonomous analytics framework.

The analytics vendor said Thursday (Oct. 11) it has been granted two U.S. patents for algorithms that allow users to apply machine learning-base anomaly detection. The algorithms are designed specifically to quickly identify the source of anomalies in large data sets, then perform root-cause analysis. The approach is promoted as faster than traditional business intelligence tools or dashboards.

The first patent award covers a method for identifying and analyzing data anomalies by comparing them with previous incidents to “determine their sensitivity,” the company said. Anodot trains its machine learning algorithms based on human behavior rather than using statistical analysis tools.

“By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, we’re able to tap into human perception and identify business incidents that other BI tools would never find,” claimed Ira Cohen, Anodot’s co-founder and chief data scientist.

The second patent award is for an algorithm used to identify “seasonal trends,” including daily and weekly patterns that could be used to improve detection of data anomalies. Anodot said the technology can be used to provide autonomous analytics alerts to business customers as incidents are detected..... "

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