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Friday, October 19, 2018

Alexa on the Facebook Portal

I had initially missed this.  Don't like Facebook being involved, but according to below the information from Alexa transcripts are not shared with Facebook.  Short excerpt below,   read the rest for other aspects of the Facebook use of data.

Here in Adage:

Amazon connection ... 

" ... Amazon's voice-assistant Alexa is also on Portal and it works much like it does on Amazon's own in-home gadgets. People can sign into their Amazon accounts and add products to their shopping lists or control smart home devices by asking Alexa. Facebook does not get to capture what people are doing through Alexa: those voice commands are kept on record through Amazon, not Facebook.

"When you say the wake word, 'Alexa,' you're connected directly to Alexa," an Amazon spokesman said by email. "Voice recordings are sent directly to Amazon, and you can review and delete these voice recordings in the Alexa app."

Amazon and third-party developers like Spotify can collect the same data from signed-in consumers through Portal that they would from any device. All that information they soak up does go into their own advertising and marketing on Facebook and beyond online.  ... " 

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